Featured Maker – Pojman Polymer Products

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m John Pojman. I teach polymer chemistry at LSU and I’m also the founder and CEO of Pojman Polymer Products. You could say I’m the 3PCEO.

smiling-chemist2. What will you be presenting at the Baton Rouge Mini Maker Faire?

I will be demonstrating and selling Quick Cure Clay, which is the only cure-on-demand sculpting material. It has unlimited working time and shelf life but when you heat part of it, the reaction will propagate and harden all of it in seconds. And 3P Quick Cure Wood Filler, which is the only cure-on-demand wood filler.


3. Why is making important to you?

I like making things. I’ve always enjoyed it ever since I was a kid. It’s very satisfying to create something that never existed before.

4. What is the first thing you remember making?

I remember making a little cart with u-nails like the ones for putting on cables, on a piece of wood then I’d put them on little carts and I’d drag them around the house. They were my own little creation. My older brother – who was much better at the engineering– really perfected them. We used to make them all the time and drag them around the house – wheelless carts.

5. What have you made that you are most proud of?

My son. He assists me in a lot of these ventures. And next,  inventing this Quick Cure Clay. Not only because it’s something very different from what I normally do as a professor, teaching and research, but it’s allowed me to meet a lot of really interesting and fun people: artists, makers. I’ve really enjoyed that.

6. Given an unlimited budget, what would you make?

I would like to make an automatic tracking system for the three-toed amphiuma that would automatically track exactly where they are within feet in a pond that I study. One of my other hobbies is studying the three-toed amphiuma, which is the second-largest salamander species in the world and native to Louisiana. Right now I have ones with radio transmitters in them, and I have to go out and track them. I’d like to have a whole grid system that would do real time location with the system. I know how to do it in principle, but it’d be really expensive.

7. Final thoughts

I’m really excited that these Maker Faires exist because it’s bringing what I think a lot of us did as kids, which is building our own things, and making it accessible to a lot more people. I think it’s really important for kids today to do things with their hands and not just be playing in a virtual world.

Find more on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/3pqcc and https://www.facebook.com/3pquickcurewoodfiller


A mold made from a 3D Printed emblem, and 3P Quickcure Clay applied.


No oven or kiln is required!


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National Week of Making

You know that oddly satisfying sound an X-Acto knife cutting through paper makes?  That was our office soundtrack yesterday.

In the spirit of the National Week of Making, we checked off a minor project in preparation for our Mini Maker Faire this October.  We measured, cut and will soon laminate the giant arrows that will guide this year’s visitors to a variety of exciting maker booths on the second floor.

slicey2 slicey3

The 2015 arrows are long gone, but will be replaced with fancy laminated arrows this year! We would love to see what other BR folks are making.  If you made a project during the National Week of Making, share it with us!

2015 Arrows on the stairs direct patrons to the second floor of the maker faire.

2015 Arrows

National Maker Faire

Last week, President Obama proclaimed June 17-23 as the National Week of Making.
Andrew Tadman, a member of our Maker Faire team, was invited to the events at the White House to kick off the National Week of Making. On Saturday, Andrew participated in a panel discussion Maker Faire Change Agents: Case Studies from Baton Rouge, Little Rock, Kingsport, Milwaukee at the National Maker Faire.
Our mascot Sprocket enjoyed the sights too, and we have learned even more ways to make our upcoming Mini Maker Faire in October better!

andrew ntl



big tetris

sprocket flag


Calling All Makers!

Now taking applications for potential makers

Are you a maker with a project you’d like to show off? The Baton Rouge Mini Maker Faire is the place to do it! We’re looking for people passionate about making – whether it’s building something from scratch, assembling a crazy robot, pickling yourhomegrown vegetables, or crafting something beautiful. Displaying your project at the Mini Maker Faire is a great way to share your passion and inspire future makers.

We’re not just looking for individuals! If your business is geared towards helping people complete their projects, we encourage you to apply for a booth.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • An enthusiastic, inquisitive audience – expect to field questions about your project and talk about the making process
  • The Mini Maker Faire is from 10am-4pm – please plan on staying the entire time, and allow for setup time before and teardown after
  • Standard booth spaces are roughly 8×8
  • You are allowed to sell products, but please remember that the focus is on making! If you want to sell your product but can’t disclose the top secret way it’s made, this is not the right venue.

More details will be available during the application process. If your project requires special arrangements (e.g. extra space, internet access, additional power), be sure to mention them on your application.

Want to participate, but don’t feel like a booth is right for you? Consider doing a short presentation or leading a hands-on workshop. Be sure to choose the correct option when you’re submitting your application.


First Maker Meetup of 2016

Join us for the first Maker Meetup this year! Network with other Makers and have your Baton Rouge Mini Maker Faire questions answered. If you can’t make this Meetup, no worries … but keep your eyes out for another Meetup in August.

Maker Meetup, May 18th at 7 at Corporate Brew & Draft


The 3rd annual Baton Rouge Mini Maker Faire will be October 8, 2016!

Louisiana Art & Science Museum: Engineering Day

Engineering_Day_Logo-300x236Saturday, April 2, 2016
10 AM to 3 PM
Louisiana Art & Science Museum
Presented by The Albemarle Foundation
Engineering Day is a fun-filled festival with multiple interactive demonstrations and hands-on activities. Come learn about a variety of engineering disciplines!

Thanks for attending!

Many thanks to all who attended the 2015 Baton Rouge Mini Maker Faire! We hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you next year!